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5 Tips To Survive Your Office Party

Office parties can be a great time to meet new people and even discuss business opportunities. If working in a marketing agency you can quickly turn a conversation about music artists into a fashion influencer marketing opportunity. Nevertheless, it is a party, so it shouldn’t be all about business. If you have an upcoming [...]

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Simple Search Engine Optimization Tips To Follow

A good business can be overlooked if it is difficult to find online, so it is important to know some search engine optimization tips to help drive traffic to your website. Traditional word-of-mouth and print marketing campaigns are no longer enough to help a business stay competitive since consumers are increasingly reliant on the [...]

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Attracting Millennials Through Influencer Marketing

In a world full of an overexposure of digital content, some companies feel hopeless that their message is not reaching one of the biggest markets (millennials). Learning how to utilize fashion influencer marketing will help companies make their messages meaningful and memorable. Using fashion influencer marketing is a game changer for most fashion firms. The [...]

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The Importance of The Customer Experience

Tech businesses have begun to place unique and enjoyable customer experiences at the forefront of their product development. Our branding agency in Los Angeles stays up to date with the latest developments in various tech industry products. Tech companies are consistently refining their product to create a satisfactory user experience. A simple, user-friendly product is [...]

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Night on Broadway: Los Angeles’ Biggest Party

When taking a look at Los Angeles Theater, people marvel at the grand central staircase, the crystal fountain, the gold brocade drapes. This great establishment was built in 1931 and caused an entire culture and bustling nightlife to grow around it.  As Los Angeles continued to expand, the nightlife along broadway slowly dissipated and the [...]

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Netflix Reaches Users Through Graphic Design

To make a business look unique and grab the attention of consumers, graphic design Los Angeles is often used. Companies are able to target a specific audience and become more successful through the proper use of graphics. Here is how Netflix is effectively using this strategy: Netflix Focuses On Creating Memorable Graphic Designs      [...]

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Top Fashion Influencers Reach Record Breaking Audience

Fashion influencer marketing has been proven to be beneficial for brands that are starting out. With this marketing technique, brands are able to reach a wider audience, boosting their business success. Here's all the information we have gathered regarding the top influencers in the fashion industry: Danielle Bernstein Danielle started her fashion blog in 2010, [...]

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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Graphic Design

Graphic Design is important for any business to succeed. Here at Branding Los Angeles, we work with graphic design to create a positive image for your brand. 1. Getting Your Brand Recognized Creating an image for your brand is essential in making sure your business gets noticed. It’s important to find an image that looks [...]

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Twitter Bans Russia Today Ads

As a company that supports adwords management services, we found the latest twitter ban on Russian advertisements interesting. On October 26th, Twitter made the decision to pull any ads coming from Russia Today and Sputnik. These two companies were involved in the accusations of tampering with the U.S. election in 2016. There have been a [...]

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3 Marketing Tips To Keep You Ahead Of The Game

Our creative branding agency Los Angeles is here to perfect your brand communication and keep your company on the top of your customer’s minds. With the digital marketing industry evolving and expanding year after year, it’s essential to stay up to date with the market trends, so that you are continually providing original, unique and innovative content [...]

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