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As a high-ranking website, Pinterest can do wonders for your SEO efforts.

SEO is a complicated and detailed marketing tool that helps company websites gain visibility through carefully targeted keywords.  Because it is a high-ranking website, Pinterest Marketing is one of the best platforms to help assist with SEO efforts.  Search engines love websites that get a lot of traffic, which is why Pinterest is a favorite.  When used properly, Pinterest can help move your Google search results up through the ranks.

So what is it?  Pinterest is a free social media website that promotes crowdsourcing and creativity through images paired with content, also known as “pins.”  Users can create a profile and search topics that interest them.  This is a great tool for businesses as well, as they can share their brand’s message or products and services with a wide audience.

Pinterest has over 150 million monthly active users and over 50 billion total pins.

It’s impressive audience size makes Pinterest an optimal site to market and implement SEO on.  We know the demographic details of Pinterest’s users and with our team’s help, your website can generate more traffic and your brand’s exposure can skyrocket.  The following are just a few ways that we can help you with Pinterest Marketing:


Improving SEO

While pinning, users can include a description of the post.  To boost SEO, we can determine a keyword strategy that will help your website rank well on search engines.  Pinterest’s linking feature also enables us to link the pin to a specific page of your website; this is a great way for potential customers to come across your business’ offerings.  For companies with a geographic component, Pinterest’s location tagging feature is useful in narrowing in on your target market.

Increasing your Followers

Utilizing Pinterest’s analytical features, we can find out how to best reach users on the site, as well as users looking for content on search engines.  We can increase your followers on Pinterest and other social media platforms by integrating and linking posts from your businesses’ social media accounts into your pins; those who come across these pins could then be naturally lead to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr pages.

Finding Niches

Pinterest’s main target audience is women aged 18-34, allowing your business to connect with this audience in a meaningful and powerful way.  We can utilize this to your advantage by looking for niches that have a high volume of searches but a low volume of content; this way we can market your business to achieve the greatest amount of traffic.

Branding Los Angeles is a digital marketing team with years of experience in Los Angeles Pinterest Marketing.  We have worked with this platform since its inception and can make it an invaluable tool in your marketing and SEO efforts.

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