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When embarking on a new business venture, an essential element determining success or failure is evaluating the market and gathering high-quality feedback from potential customers. Focus groups are an integral part of forming the most appropriate market approach for any new business, from small independent owners through to corporations in the making.

Focus groups can both help to reveal possible stumbling blocks whilst also helping finalize some of the finer points of the brand image. By gaining insight into why potential customers maintain particular opinions and how they feel about a particular topic, your business will be in a much better position to improve the planning and design of the aspects in question. Existing projects and programs are also enhanced due to the opportunity to evaluate their impact while simultaneously providing insights that can be harnessed to develop ongoing and future outreach strategies.

Through our focus group services, Branding Los Angeles provides clients with the opportunity to obtain high-quality feedback during a key development stage of the project. The focus groups that we run target the following areas of business and marketing development:

Focus Group ServicesCompany names
Slogans and taglines
Domain name research
Direct product feedback



Our focus groups are conducted with the most effective qualitative data collection methods in use, based on the following format:

  •  Discussion guidelines for participators, developed with the aid of the focus group moderator.
  • Advance screening is used to find and recruit the proper people to take part in a focus group.
  • A schedule and location are arranged for the focus group discussion, and the panel of respondents are recruited.
  • While the group is in session, the focus group moderator guides the participants in order to optimize the discussion
  • Comprehensive notes are taken, including video and audio recordings.
  • When the focus group comes to a close, the respondents are given a cash incentive for their participation.
  • Using the transcripts, a report is written which includes the moderator’s conclusion and recommendations


Branding Los Angeles as a marketing company has extensive experience in running focus groups for a diverse range of businesses. If your business is undertaking market research and could benefit from the valuable feedback a focus group can provide, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the ways in which we can help.

Focus Group Services Los Angeles

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