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“Worldwide, there are over 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users which is a 15% increase year over year.”

Facebook’s network of connections is massive and it continues to grow.  As the social media giant becomes one of the most used sites worldwide, it is imperative to utilize it to its full potential.  Facebook offers many different resources that can help enhance and promote marketing campaigns.

If you’re in the business of marketing or just business in general,  Facebook is too big of an asset to ignore.  Facebook Pages, Facebook Advertising, and Facebook Places have become a significant aspect of almost all successful marketing campaigns.  Using the site offers many advantages, such as boosting your posts, polls and Pay Per Click Advertising.

Facebook Business Pages

A Facebook Business Page is a public profile that is often used to share products or services.  Business pages offer special features like personal messaging, a detailed about section and the option for people to make purchases right from Facebook itself.  By creating a page, your business can interact and connect with customers and potential new customers as well.  With so many people of all ages moving to the web, this is a significant way to promote your product or business.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers the option of posting advertisements.  Creating interactive and intriguing ads attracts consumer’s attention; in order to reach your specific target market, Facebook can target users by age, gender and location.  Another bonus is that you can see who clicks on your ad and how many people have viewed your ad.  For businesses looking for alternative forms of marketing to break through the clutter, Facebook Ads are a great option.

Facebook Places

Users on Facebook use this feature to “check-in” to specific locations.  Users will often announce where they are and what they are doing to their friends on Facebook.  This feature can be utilized to connect directly with your customers and encourage them to come visit your location.  A great way to boost awareness is to offer promotions centered around consumers checking into your location.

Why Branding Los Angeles?

Our team specializes in digital marketing, which includes all things Facebook marketing.  Our team has years of experience working with Facebook and all of its features to create innovative and engaging content that draws in big numbers.  By working with clients in a variety of industries, we have been able to see what kind of Facebook campaigns are successful.  We can take that information and use it for your company to build brand awareness, boost engagement and drive sales.

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