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As business continues to become more and more digital with every passing year, companies are looking to different avenues to share their message and products with the world.  One platform that has become a major player in digital marketing is LinkedIn.  In just a little over a decade, the social media giant has managed to accumulate almost half a billion user profiles, a quarter of which are active on a weekly basis.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network that is designed for businesses and employees.  The most important feature on the website is it’s networking capabilities.  Businesses and users have the ability to connect with one another, allowing companies to search for potential employees while individuals can job hunt right from their computer screens.

LinkedIn marketing is one of the fastest growing tools in the digital arena.

Although the main function of LinkedIn is to connect businesses and employees, when used correctly, it can also be an amazing marketing tool.  First and foremost, LinkedIn marketing can be a great way to improve your SEO efforts.  LinkedIn is a high-ranked website, so that means search engines are going to prioritize its content.  The platform can also be used to boost traffic to your website’s blog and can improve the chances of one of your blog posts going viral.

LinkedIn even offers direct ad campaigns that can be targeted to your specific audience.  If their demographic matches your target market then this could be an amazing way to spread your company’s message and drive sales.  The recommendation feature on LinkedIn is also a great way to attract more clients.  People tend to trust recommendations more when they come from a personal contact, rather than from a stranger on Yelp or Yellow Pages.

We create innovative, effective and attention-grabbing LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

At Branding Los Angeles, our number one goal is helping your business succeed.  We can build your business and spread your message with our decades of experience in marketing.  As a digital marketing agency that has worked with LinkedIn since it’s inception, we have pioneered the art of LinkedIn marketing and have created dozens of successful campaigns for clients in a variety of industries.  To get started, contact our marketing department today.

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