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“The ease of adoption and consumption with live-casting will usher in a new era of personalities and programming that was previously impossible.”

With the rise of video media’s presence in online marketing trends, it is becoming evident that the inclusion of video marketing is essential to the success of establishing a connected and involved clientele.  Periscope, sister company to media giant, Twitter, holds huge potential in generating the right traffic to lead your brand to a huge marketing breakthrough.

Studies have shown that in 2016, the average user finds themselves viewing live streams on their phone approximately 40% more than they had the previous year.  Additionally, a large live-stream company was recently purchased by a marketing super company for just under 1 billion U.S. dollars.  The buzz being generated by this new marketing medium is evident, and here at Branding Los Angeles, we want to utilize live steam mediums like Periscope to get you exposed to the countless viewers tuning in live.

Lifestyle Branding

Periscope offers clients an honest look into your company’s culture and core values that cannot be obtained through any other medium.  Live broadcasts create an unscripted nature, generating a trusting and genuine experience.  Overall, it creates authenticity.  Research shows that the average consumer is more inclined to work with a business when they feel they are given honest information.  Our team utilizes Periscope to generate content that allows current clients and potential clients to build a trusting and long-lasting relationship with your brand, ensuring a rapidly expanding and loyal customer basis.

Creating an Exclusive Experience and Content Creation

With the aid of our marketing team, we will strategically plan, develop and produce live stream content that is exclusive to your current and potential clients.  By working with our team, we can offer our marketing perspective in combination with the genuine nature of your business to create the best possible content to attract clientele that is catered to your success.

Synchronization with Alternative Media Platforms

Periscope is but one of the media platforms in which live streams can reach viewers.  Huge media giants such as Instagram and Facebook have begun integrating a live-stream option directly into their standard user interface.  We take this into consideration and review all media options available to utilize the best standard to generate the most success.

Facebook Video posts have increased by 94% annually in U.S.

Facebook Live

With 1.17 billion monthly users, Facebook Live links your video directly to your followers and friends.  We understand the importance of Facebook marketing and understand how to utilize it.


Periscope has generated a lot of buzz over the course of the last year, and for good reason. We have found that this live stream medium is an effective way to reach your target audiences and generate positive publicity.


Even photo hubs, such as Instagram, have begun integrating live videos into their system.  Instagram users can utilize the “Live” option to stream real time content to their followers.  Branding Los Angeles offers Instagram marketing services in addition to Live Stream marketing.  The success achieved through standard marketing can then be transferred over to our Live Stream services.

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