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The Tech Industry Values The Importance of The Customer Experience

Tech businesses have begun to place unique and enjoyable customer experiences at the forefront of their product development. Our branding agency in Los Angeles stays up to date with the latest developments in various tech industry products.
Products are consistently moving through iteration after iteration, taking feedback and continually develop to refine their user experience. A […]

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Get Creative For Valentine’s Day: Los Angeles Edition

Prix-fixe dinners are for the unimaginative, chocolate is for “that time of the month”, and flowers eventually wilt. Impressing your valentine is easier than you think.
A little bit of effort, some real thought, and a solid execution are all you need to make them putty in your hands. As a Los Angeles marketing company, […]

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Amazon Updates Seller Fees Impacting Marketing

Amazon announced that the fees for third-party vendors of clothing and accessories, handbags and sunglasses and similar categories like jewelry will be subject to changes, as soon as February 22nd, 2018.
Our fashion marketing Los Angeles agency has all the details on Amazon’s important fee change for third-party vendors.
In recent years, Amazon has become a fashion marketing leader, […]

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Night on Broadway: Los Angeles’ Biggest Party

When taking a look at Los Angeles Theater, people marvel at the grand central staircase, the crystal fountain, the gold brocade drapes. This great establishment was built in 1931 and caused an entire culture and bustling nightlife to grow around it.  As Los Angeles continued to expand, the nightlife along broadway slowly dissipated and the […]

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5 Ways To Use Snapchat For Restaurant Marketing

The recent Snapchat update will lead more consumers into your restaurant, and having the right restaurant marketing can take your business to the next level.
Restaurants can experience a new set of customers into their food chain with the recent Snapchat update. This new update includes a feature called “Context Cards”. Snap users are now able […]

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Netflix Reaches Users Through Graphic Design

To make a business look unique and grab the attention of consumers, graphic design Los Angeles is often used. Companies are able to target a specific audience and become more successful through the proper use of graphics. Here is how Netflix is effectively using this strategy:
Netflix Focuses On Creating Memorable Graphic Designs        […]

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4 Tips About Fashion Marketing Trends in 2018

Trends change every so often and 2018 is starting with new marketing strategies to keep in mind. Knowing what they are will make a huge difference in the survival of your brand. Our fashion influencer marketing team provides a closer look at the trends below:
24/7 Customer Service
Our fashion influencer marketing team finds that 87% of […]

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6 Logo Trends Predicted for 2018

Our graphic design Los Angeles office predicts that 2018 will have contradicting trends, from the old-school basics to experimental designs.
New businesses will be revving up to open in the coming year and they will be looking for the perfect logo to match their brand. The question is, how can you maintain a unique logo but […]

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Top Fashion Influencers Reach Record Breaking Audience

Fashion influencer marketing has been proven to be beneficial for brands that are starting out. With this marketing technique, brands are able to reach a wider audience, boosting their business success.
Here’s all the information we have gathered regarding the top influencers in the fashion industry:
Danielle Bernstein
Danielle started her fashion blog in 2010, by 2017 she […]

Facebook Has New Security Features To Look Out For!

Social Media Management can be challenging especially when popular sites like Facebook are always updating their security measures: this is why having a trusted Marketing Agency on your side like Branding Los Angles is essential. 
What Exactly Did Facebook Do?
Facebook most recently began requiring users to upload a photo of themselves to prove they are not […]