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Tips and Tricks That Will Make Your Company Holiday-Ready

With the winter holidays right around the corner, it's important to start preparing a holiday marketing plan. Many businesses start to get in the spirit in November and it's time yours starts to too. Below, our graphic design team explains a few tips and tricks you can implement that will make your company more appealing during this [...]

Tips and Tricks That Will Make Your Company Holiday-Ready2018-11-05T21:05:14+00:00

What To Do About The End Of Google+

As stated in our blog, "Google Is Shutting Down Google+", as of August 31, 2019, Google+ will officially be shutting down after launching in 2011. This is important for businesses and marketing companies in Los Angeles, as it will affect marketing practices. To summarize the situation, there was a security breach on the [...]

What To Do About The End Of Google+2018-10-09T23:26:08+00:00

Google Is Shutting Down Google+

Social media marketing professionals are in shock by the latest news regarding Google+. The social media platform is currently reaching headlines everywhere. To break it down, our social media marketing team explains what is happening to the social media platform. Google has announced that it will officially shut down the consumer version of [...]

Google Is Shutting Down Google+2018-10-08T23:29:46+00:00

Is Your Business Prepared For The Holiday Season?

The busiest time of the year is quickly approaching and preparation is necessary. There will be tons of advertisements and competitors who will want a portion of the holiday sales. For that reason, this will be the perfect opportunity to hire top-rated marketing companies in Los Angeles, to help you stand out. We have compiled a [...]

Is Your Business Prepared For The Holiday Season?2018-10-08T18:30:55+00:00

Amazon Tips To Increase Sales

Digital wallets and smartphones are becoming commonplace among customers. In return, the ability to process transactions through mobile devices is a must-have for any business. Not only are digital wallets convenient for customers, but they also benefit businesses. Our Amazon marketing company is here to explain how digital wallets, such as Amazon Pay, are pushing [...]

Amazon Tips To Increase Sales2018-09-28T21:47:11+00:00

Yelp Optimization Steps Every Business Should Take

Yelp can keep your online reputation management on check and help consumers decide whether or not to go to your business. “Yelp receives 120 million monthly visitors and has over 53 million user reviews.” With these stats in mind, it’s easy to see how Yelp is becoming your potential customers’ go-to business review website. [...]

Yelp Optimization Steps Every Business Should Take2018-09-28T16:47:14+00:00

The Benefits of SEO and Social Media

In observance of the rapid use of SEO and social media, our SEO company in California has identified the perfected combination of the two. Our team at Branding Los Angeles has been using these two strategies to maximize the marketing efforts of our clients. However, navigating the benefits between the two may seem a [...]

The Benefits of SEO and Social Media2018-09-21T20:17:35+00:00

Why Companies Should Invest In Video Services

Connectivity between businesses and their customers have been reinforced through advancement in technology. People are able to pull up pictures and interact with a business at their fingertips. Now, with the emerging popularity of video business tours, consumers are able to tour and visit businesses without leaving their homes. Our video editing services in Los [...]

Why Companies Should Invest In Video Services2018-09-14T22:59:00+00:00

Importance of Media Buying For Businesses

Many companies don't realize how effective media buying can be for their companies' visibility. If you're debating whether or not to contact a media buying agency in Los Angeles, or anywhere in particular, you'll have a set decision after reading why media buying is so important. What Is Media Buying? Before we list reasons [...]

Importance of Media Buying For Businesses2018-09-11T11:36:13+00:00

The Life and Legacy of Jonathan Gold

Jonathan Gold was born in Los Angeles, California on Jul 28, 1960. He was a Pulitzer-prize winner and the LA Times food critic. Gold died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 57, exactly one week before his 58th birthday, at the St. Vincent Medical Center on July 21, 2018. Many have since mourned the loss [...]

The Life and Legacy of Jonathan Gold2018-09-09T07:28:19+00:00