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Amazon to buy Whole Foods in $13.7 Billion Deal

On Friday, Amazon announced its plans to buy Whole Foods Market in a deal valued at $13.7 billion.
According to experts, Whole Foods has recently been under pressure from investors for its poor market performance. Whole Foods – often referred to as “Whole Paycheck”– is known for the exorbitant prices of its healthy products. While Whole […]

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The Benefits of Leasing Commercial Real Estate

As we all know, the idea of owning your own real estate sounds more pleasing than a leasing option. We can use the space, however, we want when we own real estate and we have the option of leasing units out to others. The idea might sound appealing, but is it really the smartest decision […]

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Vine To Be Shutdown By Twitter

Twitter To Shutdown Vine After Just 4-years
It is growing increasingly difficult for companies to break into the extremely competitive digital landscape. Even well known companies such as Vine, a social platform used to share looped six-second video, are feeling the impact. Twitter purchased Vine in 2012, just before the company’s official launch. Twitter was said […]

Wait! Considerations to Make Before Switching To Instagram Business

Instagram’s recent unveiling of its business tools creates an interesting dilemma for marketers.
Instagram has an enormous, incredibly active user base, making it an effective platform to build audiences and drive user engagement. Over the past few years, this has become abundantly clear to everyone from pre-teens, to influencers, to small business owners.

In particular, Instagram’s 500 […]

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Pokémon Go Revolutionizes Marketing With These Strategies

Pokémon Go has recently taken the digitally connected world by storm after escalating to an exceeding amount of popularity within a few days of being released.
Many marketing companies are able to learn from strategies used by the new app, which has increased Nintendo’s worth by $7.5 billion.
There are several marketing techniques used by the game which led […]

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7 Secrets To Mastering the Art of Instagram

Today, Instagram is among the most popular of social media websites, especially for millennials. Though the setup for Instagram is more intimate than others, it is nonetheless a very powerful tool for business. Here are some business tips to boost engagement and maintain your strength in the market:




Geotag images as much as you can to […]