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  • On today's news for online advertising trends, a new test is being conducted by Facebook, which can affect your Ffacebook marketing game.

Facebook’s New Update Can Affect Your Business

On today’s news for online advertising trends, a new test is being conducted by Facebook, which can affect your Facebook marketing game.
This new test will remove content from businesses and publishers from its main feed.This content will be available in a separate feed, called the “Explore Feed”, which was designed for users to discover new things […]

Google AdWords Update Causes Advertisers To Panic

As of October 4th, 2017 AdWords management services will be giving themselves more control of how companies spend their daily budget.
While Google may feel as though they are helping businesses at large, advertisers seem to have a much different feeling towards this so-called “update”.

Losing control is never a good thing, but when money is […]

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“Netflix Is A Joke” Ads Explained

A week ago, white billboards proclaiming “Netflix is a joke” has appeared in New York and Los Angeles. We at Branding LA, a premier marketing company Los Angeles has to offer, are here to look into the matter.
Apparently, the jokes are on us, as this is part of an elaborate ad campaign launched by Netflix themselves.

Last […]

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Facebook Introduces New Filter Feature

Facebook recently introduced a new feature for their social media platform at VidCon.
Users will now be able to use face filters through the use of MSQRD app- a 3D face-placement app. This new feature is set to be launching later this summer. The new feature that is quite similar to Snapchat’s face filter will first be […]

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How Businesses Can Avoid the Summer Slump

Most people look forward to summer vacation because it is a time to relax and enjoy time off.  However, small businesses often dislike this time of the year; the reason being that sales often drop during this period of time.
Here are four helpful tips from the Santa Monica Marketing Company to raise sales and to
avoid […]

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New Useful Powerful Ads on Instagram

Our Social Media Marketing Los Angeles Team recently discovered the latest ads available on Instagram.
Today, Instagram has introduced carousels of video ads. The new carousel of videos allows businesses to show multiple usages for their products in a single video. This new process of replacing videos in the spots were single ads once were reduces […]

Brand Recognition Pays It Forward

A week ago, probably no one outside of Thailand had ever heard of the Thai telecommunications provider TrueMove H. But thanks to a heartwarming three-minute commercial that has gone viral, the company now has worldwide brand recognition.
“Giving,” as the commercial is titled, tells the moving and inspirational story of a man who is finally […]