Facebook’s New Update Can Affect Your Business

On today’s news for online advertising trends, a new test is being conducted by Facebook, which can affect your Facebook marketing game.

This new test will remove content from businesses and publishers from its main feed.This content will be available in a separate feed, called the “Explore Feed”, which was designed for users to discover new things that they would not find in their regular feed.  Publishers might have to pay Facebook if they want their content to be viewed, which is important if this test is successfully run.

Facebook wants users to connect to the posts they find most meaningful.

Users would have a dedicated space for family and friends’ posts, and a dedicated space for posts from pages.  This test is currently being conducted in six countries, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, and Cambodia.  Many people rely on social media as a platform for news, so publishers should look out for how this test run goes for Facebook.  Although this is just a test run and Facebook does not plan on rolling this globally at the moment; publishers should prepare for a new possible online advertising trend, as certain posts might not get as many views as before if this plan is rolled out globally.

In Slovakia, there has already been a huge drop in organic reach for publishers.

Facebook will likely run this test for months due to its significance, while most changes are tested for days or weeks.  There is no current plan to roll out this idea in any other countries, or charge Facebook pages for their distribution in News Feed or Explore.  Facebook is known for making changes on the whim, forcing publishers to keep up with their innovative changes. However, it is possible that Facebook will keep seeing results elsewhere like those in Slovakia, and decide that keeping the publishers’ pages hidden is not a good idea after all.

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