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Online Retailers May Collect Billions in Sales Tax

Online brands and retailers don't have to charge the 6 percent sales tax that they include at brick-and-mortar stores. This financial discrepancy is at the heart of a multibillion-dollar US Supreme Court case. The discussion is set to take place on Tuesday, May 17, 2018. Traditional retailers and state legislatures are asking the court [...]

Online Retailers May Collect Billions in Sales Tax2018-09-09T07:28:20+00:00

Netflix Creates Their Own Font: Netflix Sans

As more firms appear in an online domain, they see new issues arise that they could not account for. Major industry giants such as Netflix are realizing the importance of tackling graphic design in Los Angeles issues. Netflix Redesigns Their Font Netflix recognized that in order to save millions they had to [...]

Netflix Creates Their Own Font: Netflix Sans2018-09-09T07:28:21+00:00

The Most Memorable Ads of the 2018 Super Bowl

The recent 2018 super bowl generated millions of viewers as expected. Many companies use this time to push their ads during commercials, hoping to attract new business. Most importantly, companies will produce their work using the top graphic design Los Angeles experts to deliver an attention-grabbing message. Below we highlight some of the most memorable [...]

The Most Memorable Ads of the 2018 Super Bowl2018-09-09T07:28:22+00:00

Amazon Updates Seller Fees Impacting Marketing

Amazon announced that the fees for third-party vendors of clothing and accessories, handbags and sunglasses and similar categories like jewelry will be subject to changes, as soon as February 22nd, 2018. Our fashion marketing Los Angeles agency has all the details on Amazon's important fee change for third-party vendors. In recent years, Amazon has become a fashion [...]

Amazon Updates Seller Fees Impacting Marketing2018-09-09T07:28:22+00:00

5 Impressionable Business Card Designs

First impressions are built within 7 seconds of meeting someone. Branding Los Angeles, the best graphic design studios Los Angeles has, can make your first impressions last a lifetime on your business card. First impressions are almost impossible to change and your business card is your business's first impression. Making your business card stand out [...]

5 Impressionable Business Card Designs2018-09-09T07:28:22+00:00

Great Web Design is the First Step to a Successful Marketing Strategy

Anyone who has surfed the Internet knows how easy it is to stumble across websites that are very unattractive, difficult to read, challenging to maneuver, and slow to upload.  While almost all business owners know the value and importance of a professional looking website, most people have very limited knowledge and expertise in the many [...]

Great Web Design is the First Step to a Successful Marketing Strategy2018-09-09T07:28:29+00:00

Professional Graphic Designers Choose WordPress

WordPress web design When it comes to website design, both amateur and professional graphic designers often choose WordPress as their platform.  One of the main reasons is that Google simply loves WordPress, and sites on this platform usually get much higher page rankings much more quickly.  WordPress also comes with a great many pre-created and [...]

Professional Graphic Designers Choose WordPress2018-09-09T07:28:29+00:00

Everything you need to know about Branding your Ecommerce Website

Owning your own Online store has become a lucrative way for individuals to make money online.  Ecommerce web design is very competitive, and your company brand strategy needs to be unique and distinctive from the rest without being overly complicated.  As a result, building a creative yet straightforward commercial website that complements your brand can [...]

Everything you need to know about Branding your Ecommerce Website2018-09-09T07:28:30+00:00