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Benefits of Using SEO in Your Marketing Campaign

With medical social media marketing expanding at such a rapid rate, it is crucial for healthcare businesses to invest in one of the most important areas of marketing – search engine optimization (SEO).
Our team has gathered the top medical social media marketing tips that your business should take into consideration. Here are the benefits of SEO […]

Netflix’s New Partnership with Dolby is a Strategic Marketing Strategy

Branding Los Angeles is a digital advertising agency that believes in strategic marketing strategy like Netflix does with their new partnership with Dolby.
Thanks to Netflix’s new deal with Dolby Atmos, the streaming experience just got revamped. Now, consumers are able to receive a full surround sound experience.  This announcement comes just in time for Netflix’s […]

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The Upcoming of Digital Marketing

Social media and regular electronic device apps have been the key resource in digital marketing for the twenty-first century. Advertisers that use websites such as Twitter and Instagram, for example, have had great success in attracting many people to their company. The reason for this is because there is an increasing rate of new users […]

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How Does Google’s New Popup Algorithm Affect Businesses?

At the beginning of 2017, Google announced that it will begin to penalize web pages that utilize popup ads.
The new development has come as an attempt by Google to enhance the user experience when utilizing the Google search engine. Popups were seen by many as a nuisance and something that slowed down the search process.

Popups […]

  • Law Firm Marketing Ideas

Marketing Secrets to Grow Your Law Firm

Here are some Law Firm Marketing Ideas to follow:

5% or more of gross revenue must be allocated towards marketing or else you’re not going to make much of an impression.

As a reminder, this is not profit, which means salary and other expenses are not yet included. 2.5% is a great number if you are […]

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Marketing Your Retail Business in 6 Easy Steps

Marketing your business on social media includes more than just photos and reviews. Creating a social media presence will provide the audience a dependable place to look to for knowledge and quality. By devoting time, personality, and creativity, marketing your retail business through social networking will grow your business and strengthen your community identity.

Using these […]

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The Biggest Google Algorithm Change In 2015 That All Business Owners Should Know About

Launching today is the new Google algorithm update that will rank mobile-friendly sites higher on mobile devices. With a 65% market share on internet searches in the United States, this update nicknamed “Mobilegeddon” will affect sites that are not made easily accessible to mobile devices. Find out how your business will be affected and the […]