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Twitter Bans Russia Today Ads

As a company that supports adwords management services, we found the latest twitter ban on Russian advertisements interesting. On October 26th, Twitter made the decision to pull any ads coming from Russia Today and Sputnik. These two companies were involved in the accusations of tampering with the U.S. election in 2016. There have been a [...]

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Dove Ad Under Online Advertising Trend Backlash

Dove lands on the wrong side of online advertising trends. Over the weekend, Dove received backlash for an online controversial ad that is being called racist. The ad has since been taken down and Dove has issued an apology, but with the #BoycottDove trending through the weekend you can expect their sales to take a [...]

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Twitter Increases Character Limit

Whether you’re a business on Facebook utilizing its 10,000-character posts to showcase expressive marketing content to a mass audience, or a startup company struggling to establish an identity with the brevity of Twitter’s new 280-character limit, our social media agency is here to help you understand the complexities of social media. In an era dominated [...]

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How to Increase Twitter Followers

When it comes to running a small business, figuring out the right plan for your social media pages can be one of the most difficult tasks.  Often times, it gets forgotten about or pushed to the side for tasks deemed more important.  However, if you want it to be successful your social media postings can’t [...]

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Chargers Logo Design Causes Huge Backlash

A crucial aspect of any company’s success is its ability to differentiate itself from its competitors. Logo designs are an essential part of creating a unique brand. In a recent turn of events, the Chargers announced their departure from the city of San Diego and stated that they will be returning to the league as [...]

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Twitter and Airbnb CEOs Reach Out to Users

Twitter and Airbnb Reach Out to User to Improve their Companies in 2017 Companies are always looking for new marketing strategies to improve their visibility. Marketing firms focus on looking for innovative ideas that will increase user advocacy for a service or company. Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, reached out to the Twitter community and requested feedback for his company. [...]

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Vine To Be Shutdown By Twitter

Twitter To Shutdown Vine After Just 4-years It is growing increasingly difficult for companies to break into the extremely competitive digital landscape. Even well known companies such as Vine, a social platform used to share looped six-second video, are feeling the impact. Twitter purchased Vine in 2012, just before the company’s official launch. Twitter was [...]

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#22PushupChallenge to Honor Veterans

Social media can be used to raise awareness for numerous different causes and charities. With the new hashtag, #22PushupChallenge, people from all over the world are able to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention. Every day, 22 veterans commit suicide due to the post traumatic stress they encounter after coming back from the military. In order to [...]

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Can Twitter Save Itself With These New Updates?

Twitter has been evolving throughout its rise to popularity. Some of these transformations have included the ability to react with GIFs, poll your follows, and insert Periscope broadcasts into Tweets. Obviously, Social Media Marketing attributes these transformations to keeping users intrigued and active on Twitter. Right now one of the biggest limitations that Twitter presents its [...]

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7 Crucial Restaurant Marketing Tips Every Restaurant Owner Should Know

Our Restaurant Marketing Ideas Specialists list 7 tips they believe restaurant owners should know. Schedule Tweets Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites of today, so use it for your restaurant! Timing is crucial when it comes to Twitter. Tweeting near lunch hours benefits your business tremendously. From day to day, schedule [...]

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