Twitter Increases Character Limit

Whether you’re a business on Facebook utilizing its 10,000-character posts to showcase expressive marketing content to a mass audience, or a startup company struggling to establish an identity with the brevity of Twitter’s new 280-character limit, our social media agency is here to help you understand the complexities of social media.

In an era dominated by the influence and interactions taking place on social media platforms, Twitter has established itself as a global platform. For all you who have your Twitter monitoring caps on 24/7 know by now that Twitter released a new update doubling the character limit to 280 from its previous 140 and ultimately allowing them to fill their tweets with fully backed arguments, short opinionated essays, long list of complaints, etc.

Twitter Announces Update With A Tweet

Although the current 140-character restraint is drastic when compared to Facebook’s limit, Twitter still gained popularity and became a global playground filled with videos, pictures, jokes, and memes. Twitter found success with its restraint because it sparked users to find new means of communication that arose from the restriction and ultimately showcased an individual’s creativity on a global platform for the world to see.

Will This Update Spark New Forms Of Creativity?

The update is only available to a few selected users for testing, but whether Twitter decides to keep the new character limit, we can remain certain the platform remains a hub for creativity, with or without the more characters.

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