Can Twitter Save Itself With These New Updates?

Twitter has been evolving throughout its rise to popularity.

Some of these transformations have included the ability to react with GIFs, poll your follows, and insert Periscope broadcasts into Tweets.

Obviously, Social Media Marketing attributes these transformations to keeping users intrigued and active on Twitter.

Right now one of the biggest limitations that Twitter presents its users is the 140-character restraint. However, Twitter just announced today that the 140-character restraint is being re-evaluated.  Instead of every little thing typed counting towards the character limit, Twitter is changing what counts towards these 140-characters.

The changes include the folSocial Media Marketinglowing:

@Names when replying to tweets, will no longer deduct from the 140 max character counts.  This way character limits should be less of a problem when trying to communicate over Twitter.

Attaching media content such as photos, videos, GIFS, and polls will no longer take away characters, therefore, only words will count towards the 140-characters.

Currently, Twitter does not allow for one to Retweet or quote their own Tweets, however, that is soon to change.  This way users can Retweet or Quote Tweets to emphasize or reflect on what they previously said.

The last significant change that Twitter is making is no longer having to use the “@” symbol when using a username.  This simplifies the use of usernames in Tweets.

Overall, Twitter evolves to satisfy its users.

The announcement of these changes, which will be available in the oncoming months, is used to inform its users and developers.  Twitter’s hope for these new changes is to continue to attract new users while maintaining and growing retention with current users. Ultimately, users’ reactions to these new changes will dictate whether or not it was a successful tactic.