Chargers Logo Design Causes Huge Backlash

A crucial aspect of any company’s success is its ability to differentiate itself from its competitors. Logo designs are an essential part of creating a unique brand.

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In a recent turn of events, the Chargers announced their departure from the city of San Diego and stated that they will be returning to the league as the Los Angeles Chargers. With their departure from San Diego, the team abandoned their old logo and arrived in L.A. with a more than lackluster new design. The Chargers premiered their new logo on twitter and were immediately faced with a prompt and relentless backlash from fans and other sports teams.

Since the initial response, the Chargers have changed their logo design on twitter, not once, but twice, all in an effort to appease social media pressure. Following the final changes, twitter fans simmered down and Chargers president of business operations responded with hope and gratitude to his fans.

A poorly designed logo can lead to disengagement, disinterest, and loss in overall relatability by the audience.

Because of a single logo design mistake, the Chargers received a great deal of backlash from once loyal fans. A single error brought the billion dollar organization to its knees. It is fortunate for the organization that they already had a cemented fan base, but newer businesses who suffer the same fate might not be as lucky.

The chargers misstep illustrates the importance of a good logo design.

Standing as a company’s primary visual representation, logos should manifest themselves as a direct representation of a company’s core values. A logo is mass produced and visible across media platforms, reaching millions of people. As such, it is key that any successful business invests in a well-designed logo that embodies their company’s overall mission.
In essence, a logo becomes the face of a business utilizing a variety of colors, font, and images to individualize the company and allows consumers to identify with the business’s core ideals. Once established, the logo itself becomes almost a shorthand for the business and is used by the public to identify the company.

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