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Say Goodbye To Costco Membership Fees

Costco joins Instacart, a delivery service that does online marketing in Los Angeles, to bring the world of Costco at your fingertips without paying its membership fee.
Costco is known for being a bulk product one-stop shop. However, membership to get in is a minimum of $60. Even if you are a member, how can you […]

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Marketing Secrets to Grow Your Law Firm

Here are some Law Firm Marketing Ideas to follow:

5% or more of gross revenue must be allocated towards marketing or else you’re not going to make much of an impression.

As a reminder, this is not profit, which means salary and other expenses are not yet included. 2.5% is a great number if you are […]

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8 of the Best Google Search Secrets

Google has a fun and interactive way to play with its home screen.  It’s known as Google Easter eggs.
There are several “secret” Google Easter egg things that you can do with Google that most people are unaware of. Google is branding itself as a fun, hip search engine. SEO in Los Angeles is a major […]