Say Goodbye To Costco Membership Fees

Costco joins Instacart, a delivery service that does online marketing in Los Angeles, to bring the world of Costco at your fingertips without paying its membership fee.

Costco is known for being a bulk product one-stop shop. However, membership to get in is a minimum of $60. Even if you are a member, how can you get everything you need in one trip?

Since Costco has partnered with Instacart, you can have those bulk products you love delivered right to your door. Not only will you get them delivered, they’ll be delivered on the same day!

How does it work?online marketing agency los angeles

  1. Go to Instacart’s site or download their app to see if Costco delivers in your area.
  2. Fill up your cart with your countless groceries.
  3. Instacart sends one of its shoppers to Costco to retrieve your items from your virtual cart.
  4. Your groceries are delivered to your home.

This awesome service must come with a price. If you make a purchase over $35, the delivery fee is $5.99. If you think you’ll need to shop for groceries more than twice a month, then you should get an Instacart Express Membership which costs $149 per year.

What’s the catch?

  1. Some of the prices you’ll find on Instacart are higher than in-store prices. They work with retailers to give you in-store prices, but sometimes they can’t. They don’t honor Costco discounts or coupons but they do provide Instacart coupons when possible.
  2. Seeing an item available on Instacart doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive the item. Sometimes, it’s difficult to get inventory count instantly. If your desired item is out-of-stock for the day, your shopper will call you before purchasing and ask if you would like a replacement item. If you do not wish to have a replacement, then you will be refunded for that item.

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