5 Secrets to Succeed in Fashion Influencer Marketing

Fashion marketing and social media influencers go hand in hand. Technology has paved a new path for businesses to partner with social media influencers to promote products and brands.

Fashion influencer marketing happens when businesses work with influential people in their industry. They do this to market and reach their targeted audience.

Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy for companies. This strategy is especially effective because targeted audiences are likely to view products. Below are 5 ways your company can succeed in fashion influencer marketing.

1. Have a Compelling and Engaging Story

To be dubbed as a fashion influencer, the term goes far beyond virtual popularity. Influence is the ability to actually persuade people into taking action. While popular people have built trust with their community, they may not want to influence others into purchasing a product. As a solution for this, develop an engaging story for the influencer to share. Stories capture attention and emotion. While the fashion influencer may not be able to provide a personally compelling story, sharing one can make all the difference in the action taken by the audience. A story relevant to the audience, combined with the influencer’s trust and authority will result in effective marketing.

2. Be Authentic

Engaging with influencers in an authentic way is the best way to partner with them. Read their content and engage with their online brand. When you reach out to them, the influencer will want to learn more about you because of previous rapport. Remember, social media influencers are popular for a reason, and get contacted by lots of people. Gaining a partnership with an influencer takes social media savvy and genuine interest in their content.

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 3. Make Them Shine

Understand influencer’s personal objectives. Show them how your partnership will benefit their personal brand. Allow them to see that your product will benefit their objectives. Also, show them that their sphere of influence will benefit your brand or product. Be candid about numbers related to your audience and how your product will feature them.

4. Communicate Expectations

Once influencers start responding to you, don’t be afraid to clearly communicate what goals you expect to achieve by the campaign. Ask if they think your goals are achievable based off of their previous campaigns. This will allow you to gauge the success of your campaign.

5. Know The Difference Between an Influencer and an Advocate

An influencer is someone with significant social capital. Thousands of Twitter and Instagram followers, RSS subscribers and Facebook “likes” are what influencers are known to have. They are frequently retweeted, quoted, and invited to speak at events. The relationship between influencers and a brand is built off of incentives. An advocate is different. Advocates don’t seek incentives, rather they will talk about the brands they care about. They do this even if the brand doesn’t contact them. Their authenticity is a telling trait. They praise the brand both online and offline.

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