8 of the Best Google Search Secrets

Google has a fun and interactive way to play with its home screen.  It’s known as Google Easter eggs.

There are several “secret” Google Easter egg things that you can do with Google that most people are unaware of. Google is branding itself as a fun, hip search engine. SEO in Los Angeles is a major part of that branding. Here are a list of 8 top little known fun and interactive ways to interact with Google.

1) Go back in time to 1998

By typing in “Google in 1998” you can see what the page looked like in 1998, when the site was first launched. This retro feel is a fun and interesting way to turn back the clock and see what it was like in “the old days”.

2) Type in the word “anagram

Type the word “anagram” into the Google search engine and a very creative message will pop up that is a fun play on words. A major Los Angeles SEO company has utilized this in an interactive way to have fun on their website.

3) Under images, type the words “Atari Breakout”

By typing in the word “Atari Breakout” into Google image search, it will bring about Google’s “Image Breakout” and allow you to play vintage games.  It’s an interesting way to take a step back into time.

4) Have Google roll a die for you

If you type “roll a die”, Google will randomly generate a number for you, and they will include a graphic image that includes a picture of a die with your number on it.

5) Type in “zerg rush”

If you type in “zerg rush” into the Google search bar, Google will generate an army of invading “o’s” that you can destroy by clicking on them with your mouse.Branding Los Angeles

6) Tilt or slant your screen by typing “askew”

By typing “askew” into Google, you can get something that mimics your type word. Google will tilt your screen.

7)  Google can a generate a fifty-fifty coin toss

Google can use a random number generator to give you a truly random coin flip. Type in “flip a coin” and look Google make those life changing 50/50 decisions for you.

8) Make your image do a barrel roll

By typing “do a barrel roll” into Google, you will make your page do a full rotation roll. It’s a fun way to play with the screen.

Try these tips out. They’re fun and a great way to break the monotony of working on Google. Spread the word. Tell your friends that don’t know about it yet. SEO services in Los Angeles are ubiquitous. The Easter eggs are a perfect way to optimize your search engines.

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