How To Use LinkedIn To Market Yourself And Your Business

LinkedIn is proving to be a great tool to market individuals and their services as well as a social media marketing agency.

Here is how LinkedIn is being used as a social media marketing agency tool:


A lot of businesses and individuals put out articles on their Linkedin page about whatever business they are in.  These articles are the same as any other, using SEO and keywords to make that article more visible. Then they use links on those articles to either their business page or their individual page.  The whole point of posting articles on LinkedIn is to populate peoples pages and captivate them with compelling content.

Company Pages

When it comes to trying to market a company via a social media marketing agency, making a stand-out company page is an important step to take.  Treat the LinkedIn page as if it is the most important parts of the company website.  Sometimes customers will find your company on LinkedIn before the website, so it is important to make it look reputable.

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Optimize The Page

Just like marketers do with websites, you should optimize the company page on LinkedIn with the best SEO practices.  Keywords, links, and engaging content are great places to start when optimizing a page for the best SEO results as well as a social media marketing agency.

Promote Leadership

LinkedIn is a gold mine for leaders and influencers.  These influencers use LinkedIn as a platform to promote the leadership skills that they have acquired.  Promoting leadership on your page and your company’s page is a great way to engage an audience. Most people on LinkedIn have ambition, and they usually like to learn how to be a better worker and a better leader.

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