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Influencer Marketing Tips For A Successful Business

Fashion influencer marketing is becoming a necessity for business growth. The social media presence has been a great tool for businesses to showcase their latest trends, products, or events. What is fashion influencer marketing? This relatively new trend is a way for people to market themselves quickly and gain [...]

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5 Secrets to Succeed in Fashion Influencer Marketing

Fashion marketing and social media influencers go hand in hand. Technology has paved a new path for businesses to partner with social media influencers to promote products and brands. Fashion influencer marketing happens when businesses work with influential people in their industry. They do this to market and reach their targeted audience. [...]

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5 Tips To Survive Your Office Party

Office parties can be a great time to meet new people and even discuss business opportunities. If working in a marketing agency you can quickly turn a conversation about music artists into a fashion influencer marketing opportunity. Nevertheless, it is a party, so it shouldn’t be all about business. If you have an upcoming [...]

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Attracting Millennials Through Influencer Marketing

In a world full of an overexposure of digital content, some companies feel hopeless that their message is not reaching one of the biggest markets (millennials). Learning how to utilize fashion influencer marketing will help companies make their messages meaningful and memorable. Using fashion influencer marketing is a game changer for most fashion firms. The [...]

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Night on Broadway: Los Angeles’ Biggest Party

When taking a look at Los Angeles Theater, people marvel at the grand central staircase, the crystal fountain, the gold brocade drapes. This great establishment was built in 1931 and caused an entire culture and bustling nightlife to grow around it.  As Los Angeles continued to expand, the nightlife along broadway slowly dissipated and the [...]

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Amazon Launches Prime Wardrobe

Amazon plans to eliminate the hassles of online shopping by launching Prime Wardrobe, a program that has social media agencies and fashion brands speculating about the future of Amazon e-commerce. For many customers, buying clothing online isn’t worth the inconvenience. If an article of clothing doesn’t fit, the customer typically has to either pay money to ship [...]

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6 Tips for Fashion Marketing Online

Selling your clothes or accessories online is very different from selling in store. Your customers aren’t able to feel the clothes, try them on, or admire the layout of the store. But there are other creative ways to ensure success, all from online! Here are some tips to help get your Fashion Marketing started. 1. [...]

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American Apparel Files For Second Bankruptcy

American Apparel, the company best known for its provocative advertisements and made-in-America products, filed for bankruptcy on Monday November 14, 2016. This marks the second time in just 13 months the retailer has filed for bankruptcy protection. Gildan Activewear, a Canadian-based clothing manufacturer, has since purchased the intellectual property rights for $66 million. Gildan has [...]

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Shockingly Aeropostale Files For Bankruptcy

Our Fashion Marketing Los Angeles representatives announce Aeropostale's crisis. Aeropostale Filing For Bankruptcy Today, Aeropostale, the popular teen retail store, filed for bankruptcy. For the past thirteen fiscal quarters Aeropostale has loss money. The debt accrued by Aeropostale is a hefty 390 million. The money that the company has secured is 160 million, while the [...]

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