6 Tips for Fashion Marketing Online

Selling your clothes or accessories online is very different from selling in store. Your customers aren’t able to feel the clothes, try them on, or admire the layout of the store.

But there are other creative ways to ensure success, all from online! Here are some tips to help get your Fashion Marketing started.

1. Images Are Everything

Make sure that each item is photographed well and that the customer can see the quality of the product. Photograph in great lighting and shoot from every angle. Customers want to see what they are purchasing and the image is the first step.

2. Give Some Background

If there is something that makes the clothes or jewelry special, tell the customers in the product description! Whether it’s handmade, locally sourced, or limited edition, be sure to mention it. Customers want to know what makes your clothing unique and why they should buy from you.

fashion-marketing-company-los-angeles3. Fit And Measure Everything

To ensure that not being able to try on the clothes isn’t a huge disadvantage, give all the measurements that you can. Another idea is to showcase the clothing on different body types, to market to a range of individuals.

4. Marketing: Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media is huge for brands right now. Fashion brands develop a look and voice, and market themselves to potential buyers. It allows for interaction with customers and promotes the business in a natural setting.

5. Bloggers Create Buzz

Social media goes hand in hand with the use of bloggers and influencers who have made social media their business. Whether they are sent some items to try or are already fans of the clothing, ask them to showcase your fashion business! Exposure from the right person could make all the difference in sales.

6. Customer Service

After purchases are made, feel free to follow up with customers or be easy to reach if there are any questions. Since they are unable to have that in-person service, friendliness and accessibility are crucial when dealing with questions, comments, or returns.


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