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7 Secrets To Mastering the Art of Instagram

Today, Instagram is among the most popular of social media websites, especially for millennials. Though the setup for Instagram is more intimate than others, it is nonetheless a very powerful tool for business. Here are some business tips to boost engagement and maintain your strength in the market:




Geotag images as much as you can to […]

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How Businesses Can Avoid the Summer Slump

Most people look forward to summer vacation because it is a time to relax and enjoy time off.  However, small businesses often dislike this time of the year; the reason being that sales often drop during this period of time.
Here are four helpful tips from the Santa Monica Marketing Company to raise sales and to
avoid […]

Victoria’s Secret’s Botched Photoshop Job Proves Importance of Branding

Victoria’s Secret recently published a very poorly edited photo for fashion marketing on their Facebook page (see original link) which has garnered a lot of publicity and attention from the media and web. The original photo displays a model wearing a pair of Victoria’s Secret underwear, posing with her back to the camera. But, if […]

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Conan O’Brien is Taking Over Social Media, LinkedIn

Sorry LinkedIn users. You could spend years on the business networking site and still never wield the kind of influence late night host Conan O’Brien has amassed on it in less than a couple of months (in fairness, this is a much easier feat for someone to accomplish when they are the host of their […]

Brand Recognition Pays It Forward

A week ago, probably no one outside of Thailand had ever heard of the Thai telecommunications provider TrueMove H. But thanks to a heartwarming three-minute commercial that has gone viral, the company now has worldwide brand recognition.
“Giving,” as the commercial is titled, tells the moving and inspirational story of a man who is finally […]