Today, Instagram is among the most popular of social media websites, especially for millennials.

Though the setup for Instagram is more intimate than others, it is nonetheless a very powerful tool for business. Here are some business tips to boost engagement and maintain your strength in the market:


1. Geotagging

Geotag images as much as you can to gain engagement. Geotagging allows Instagrammers to go through images and see the location that you tagged; if they visit the location they can add photos to the library as well.

2. Add text to pics

When Instagram comes to mind people automatically think about photos. While Instagram is a graphic-based social media website, adding words to go along with your pics will captivate people more.

3. RepostingInstagram

When you repost something it shows that you are fully engaged in Instagram. When you see a great pic that represents your product, repost it to show that you care about people using your product. Reposting shows that you are not only posting, but you are also looking at other posts in your feed.

4. Topics that are trending

If you see that a topic is trending take advantage of it when hashtagging. Using hashtags that are popular will expose a lot of people to your products. Though trending hashtag last temporarily, they will increase exposure. Use trending hashtags that are related to your business; you don’t want to be annoying and irrelevant to other Instagrammers.

5. Show your funny sideInstagram

Comedy is a surefire way to get people’s attention. Adding wit to Instagram will allow people to see the brand personality and that joke will stick with people when they purchase a product of yours. Every now and then give your followers a laugh to make them remember your brand.

6. High-resolution pics

Of course, Instagram is photo-based, so uploading top-quality photos will surely engage more people. If you want people to ignore your posts and perhaps even unfollow you, upload blurry, dark and uninteresting photos.Instagram

7. Add questions

Create a poll with questions to draw people in. This will increase in activity with photos will increase engagement.

In order to stay on top of your Instagram game, it’s important to know everything about Instagram. Check out, “10 Shocking Facts about Instagram” to find other ways to use Instagram to your advantage.

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