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Facebook Has New Security Features To Look Out For!

Social Media Management can be challenging especially when popular sites like Facebook are always updating their security measures: this is why having a trusted Marketing Agency on your side like Branding Los Angles is essential. 
What Exactly Did Facebook Do?
Facebook most recently began requiring users to upload a photo of themselves to prove they are not […]

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Facebook’s New Feature Allows You To Order Food

Restaurant marketing in Los Angeles is continually evolving making it necessary for you to have a trusted Marketing Agency like Branding Los Angeles to help grow your brand and business.
How is Facebook Doing This?

Facebook officially announced the new feature that aids users in ordering food from local eateries directly from its app. Rather than competing […]

  • On today's news for online advertising trends, a new test is being conducted by Facebook, which can affect your Ffacebook marketing game.

Facebook’s New Update Can Affect Your Business

On today’s news for online advertising trends, a new test is being conducted by Facebook, which can affect your Facebook marketing game.
This new test will remove content from businesses and publishers from its main feed.This content will be available in a separate feed, called the “Explore Feed”, which was designed for users to discover new things […]

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Facebook Is Putting An End To ‘Fake News’

We’ve all heard the term “fake news,” but how does it actually spread? Content developers, like our social media agency, are seeing a change on how we post because of Facebook’s new rules.
Before the recent constraints, any Facebook Page can change what users see on their News Feed when a link is posted. This includes the link’s […]

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#22PushupChallenge to Honor Veterans

Social media can be used to raise awareness for numerous different causes and charities. With the new hashtag, #22PushupChallenge, people from all over the world are able to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention.
Every day, 22 veterans commit suicide due to the post traumatic stress they encounter after coming back from the military.
In order to promote veteran […]

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Starbucks Being Used to Increase Racism Awareness

As a marketing effort to raise awareness towards racism, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” has been replacing the names of several Starbuck’s customers.
After a devastating police shooting that resulted in the death of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, Starbuck’s customers, who were disturbed by this tragic event, decided to integrate activism into their daily lives.

This […]

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Facebook Introduces New Filter Feature

Facebook recently introduced a new feature for their social media platform at VidCon.
Users will now be able to use face filters through the use of MSQRD app- a 3D face-placement app. This new feature is set to be launching later this summer. The new feature that is quite similar to Snapchat’s face filter will first be […]

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Instagram Exceeds Half a Billion Users

Instagram recently exceeded 500 million users, with over 300 million of the users engaging with the app every day.
The notorious photo sharing platform continues to grow both locally and internationally, with more than 80% of its users residing outside of the U.S. After Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, the photo sharing network has been growing […]

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Announcing Instagram’s New Video Length

Our Social Media Marketing Los Angeles Specialists, announced that Instagram is now giving Instagrammers the ability to post videos 4 times longer than the prior limit of 15 seconds.
 Instagram changed the limit due to the fact that 15 seconds was not enough for some Instagrammers to deliver their message.
This change was implemented in late March. […]

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Instagram Changes the Way Users See Their Feed

Our Social Media Services Los Angeles team knows that social media services are constantly evolving; one way that they are currently changing is through how they are engaging with their users.
Instagram seeks to better capture their users’ attention by making it so that their feeds are populated with content customized to their perceived preferences. […]