Facebook Is Putting An End To ‘Fake News’

We’ve all heard the term “fake news,” but how does it actually spread? Content developers, like our social media agency, are seeing a change on how we post because of Facebook’s new rules.

Before the recent constraints, any Facebook Page can change what users see on their News Feed when a link is posted. This includes the link’s title, description, and image. Users were once redirected to a site that had nothing to do with the title and description that the Facebook Page posted.

Owners of Facebook Pages will see a feature called “Link Ownership” under Publishing Tools. This means that the Facebook Page will only be allowed to edit the link’s title, description and image if they have ownership over that web domain. Owners have until Septemeber 12, 2017 to claim ownership.

Does This Link Back to Clickbaits?

Most likely. The latest crackdown by Facebook does not come at a surprise because of companies adamancy on putting ‘fake news’ to bed. The overall decision to lock up the link edit is to not support the fake news parade and to save Facebook’s image. Facebook now looks like an impartial tech company because of this recent change.

But, What About Marketing?

With this new restriction, Facebook Pages are able to stay true to their brand. But from a marketing stand point, companies are not able to captivate select audiences. Companies are forced to cater to a broader audience. Somebody like a social media agency is required to change up their strategy.

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