Facebook Has New Security Features To Look Out For!

Social Media Management can be challenging especially when popular sites like Facebook are always updating their security measures: this is why having a trusted Marketing Agency on your side like Branding Los Angles is essential. 

What Exactly Did Facebook Do?

Social Media ManagementFacebook most recently began requiring users to upload a photo of themselves to prove they are not a bot and improve the site’s security measures. Their new captcha technology identity test was shared by users through Twitter and later verified by Facebook. They additionally stated that the photo verification was a one-time security measure and that the Facebook would delete the photo permanently from its servers once verified.

Why is Facebook Doing This?

Facebook wants to make sure that their users are using real information and not creating or utilizing spam accounts. This is being done in an effort to catch suspicious behavior and improve the site’s mobility. Suspicious activity can involve a user who normally posts for Los Angeles but suddenly start posting in France. Reports have shown that this is a randomized automated process as of now, but is expected to expand. The photo test is just one of many protection measures Facebook has implemented into their site.

How Does This Affect Users?

Users that have received this photo identification prompt reported being locked out of their account until the photo has been reviewed. With facial technology becoming increasingly common, it is no surprise that more companies are incorporating this new technology into their applications.

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