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Facebook’s New Feature Allows You To Order Food

Restaurant marketing in Los Angeles is continually evolving making it necessary for you to have a trusted Marketing Agency like Branding Los Angeles to help grow your brand and business.
How is Facebook Doing This?

Facebook officially announced the new feature that aids users in ordering food from local eateries directly from its app. Rather than competing […]

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How a Pizza Chain is Reinventing the Pizza

With the numerous pizza chains out in the market, it is outrageous to think that one would start up a new pizza chain. Ron Biskin and Samit Varma didn’t think so; the duo started up a pizza joint called Pizza Studio that allows customers to enjoy their pizza in a fresh and customizable manner.

Similar to the […]

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Panera Bread Says ‘No Guns’

The Panera Bread CEO has put a ban on bringing guns into Panera Bread locations | Restaurant Marketing
Panera Bread’s ‘no guns’ announcement is indicative of a firm new stance against gun violence that many brands are taking. Panera Bread has made this announcement as part of their dedication to providing a wholesome, inviting atmosphere for their customers. […]

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Chipotle Offers Free Burritos to Protect Brand Reputation

Because of a recent outbreak of e.Coli  and salmonella, Chipotle decided to close its doors for a lunchtime company-wide meeting about food safety.
Many people who planned on frequenting the establishment for lunch were disappointed to find the restaurant closed. To make amends for the inconvenience, Chipotle’s decided to offer an electronic coupon for a free […]

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Restaurant Marketing: Is tipping your waiter a thing of the past?

Is Tipping Your Waiter A Thing Of The Past?
Restaurants remove tipping from menu. A restaurant owner in New York is eliminating all tipping.
Restaurant tipping is deeply ingrained in the American psyche. It is customary practice to tip your waiter, 15% being the standard tip. However, for many, the practice can be a bit unsettling, as […]