Hotel Restaurants Are Taking Off, Here’s 5 To Prove It

Restaurant marketing is the best way to promote a restaurant, and especially helpful now that hotel restaurants are big business.

Here are some of the hotel restaurants gaining steam due to restaurant marketing:

Breva at the Hotel Figueroa // Los Angeles, CA

Hotel Figueroa is a very historic place with lots of tradition, however, they have renovated and put in a new restaurant called Breva.  The rich architecture and tradition of the hotel are enough to visit, but the spectacular food is well worth the travels.

Elysian Bar at Hotel Peter and Paul // New Orleans, LA

The Elysian Bar in New Orleans is simply magical thanks to restaurant marketing.  This place simply feels and looks like it is straight out of a movie.  There is almost always no better combination than NOLA style food and drinks in a wonderful setting.

Carpenter Hall at Carpenter Hotel // Austin, TX

restaurant marketing

The dining room at the Carpenter Hall in Austin is an absolute must see.  The lighting and the open space is what makes this dining room so exquisite.  This place uses restaurant marketing to their advantage by advertising themselves as a restaurant that just happens to be inside of a hotel.

Tiny Lou’s at Hotel Clermont // Atlanta, GA

Tiny Lou’s is a staple of the Atlanta culture.  Although it is historic, it has been redone to look more modern in an ever-changing city.  The menu seems to have never-ending options, and you cannot go here without trying the dessert.  

Henry’s at Life Hotel // New York City, NY

Henry’s is really awesome because it does not even look like a hotel.  This is the new trend when trying to market a restaurant inside of a hotel.  The place looks all nice and lowkey and eventually gets energetic into the night.  Ordering the lobster is a must here.

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