Restaurant Edition: Content Examples You Should Post To Increase Followers

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Photos of Food in Action

Preparation is the key to perfection and it creates an air of authenticity. Allowing insight into the creation or completion of a dish sparks interest. When posting some level of your culinary process, you are allowing people to be involved. It builds enthusiasm for those who had never considered being a part of the process. Showing how food is made reassures that they can trust the process. The idea is to build an understanding and the desire to consume. A short video creates anticipation and draws people to your restaurant for the finished product.

Connect Your Audience with Your Staff

Restaurants are built on familiarity and trust. Forming a relationship between the servers, chefs, managers, and customers is how you make people feel at home. Restaurant presentation is one thing, but the impression left by the people bringing and preparing the food can be the factor that decides whether or not someone makes the trip to your establishment. Humanity is a huge part of the service industry no matter what level you’re at. Constructing this level of comfort with potential customers early on can be as easy as a 10-second clip of your waitresses smiling for the camera. Answer questions in the comments, recommend dishes, make sure people know that they are welcome. 

Food Photography

Be sure the angle is sharp, the lighting is perfect and the background is appealing. The food you post must be unique. This will grab people’s attention because it’s not a vibe they can have from the comfort of their own home. They will need to get the entire experience that you’ve hinted at within your restaurant. The presentation of your dishes is everything. It must look appetizing. Consider having some of your dishes professionally photographed and posted on your social media. A professional food photographer can manipulate color and staging to tell a story with your dishes to be interpreted and craved after. 

Build Your Brand’s Digital Persona

Give your restaurant a personality. People like to be around those who make them comfortable or that they relate to. When posting, follow trends by referring to commonly discussed, non-controversial topics. Create themes to go with meals. Encourage people to interact with the service by promoting activities such as giveaways, discounts, and contests. Post questions about your followers’ preferences and give them the opportunity to express their own interests.   

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