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7 Secrets To Mastering the Art of Instagram

Today, Instagram is among the most popular of social media websites, especially for millennials. Though the setup for Instagram is more intimate than others, it is nonetheless a very powerful tool for business. Here are some business tips to boost engagement and maintain your strength in the market:




Geotag images as much as you can to […]

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Announcing Instagram’s New Video Length

Our Social Media Marketing Los Angeles Specialists, announced that Instagram is now giving Instagrammers the ability to post videos 4 times longer than the prior limit of 15 seconds.
 Instagram changed the limit due to the fact that 15 seconds was not enough for some Instagrammers to deliver their message.
This change was implemented in late March. […]

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Instagram Introduces New Algorithm: Public Reacts

For the past few days Instagram has been inundated with posts from upset Instagrammers. The reason behind their frustration: Instagram has introduced a new algorithm.
According to Instagram Marketing Los Angeles, the new algorithm would make Instagram more like Facebook and less like its cousin, Twitter. The algorithm will show more popular posts closer to the […]

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3 Tips To Make Your Instagram Posts Seen

While some eagerly wait for the new algorithm that Instagram has announced, others boycott and protest it. The previous algorithm listed posts in chronological order; the new algorithm will list posts by how popular they are. As with most changes, some people will like the new, while others prefer the traditional. Many Instagrammers fear that […]