Instagram Introduces New Algorithm: Public Reacts

For the past few days Instagram has been inundated with posts from upset Instagrammers. The reason behind their frustration: Instagram has introduced a new algorithm.

According to Instagram Marketing Los Angeles, the new algorithm would make Instagram more like Facebook and less like its cousin, Twitter. The algorithm will show more popular posts closer to the top of your news feed and the less popular will be closer to the bottom. Many Instagrammers and brands are upset because they fear that they will now be invisible due to the new algorithm.

Though many are angry, they forget that this has happened before with other social media sites such as Youtube, Vine and Facebook. The original algorithm on Instagram listed posts based on time; the latest posts were displayed first and the earlier were closer to the bottom of the feed.Instagram Marketing Los Angeles

Since the proposed algorithm has been brought to the public’s attention people have begun a campaign against the algorithm. Many Instagrammers are posting hastags such as #TurnMeOn , #LetsStayTogether, #InstagramUpdate, and #PostNotifications in hope that people who are following them turn on notifications for them.

The reason why Instagram is making the change to the new algorithm is because they found that many good posts are not being given the attention that they deserve. Even though that may be true, the new algorithm will definitely hurt some Instagrammers. Many Instagrammers feel that the new algorithm will create more of a competitive environment.

People will need to be mindful of what they post if they intend to get likes or be viewed.

This will cause self-censorship among many Instagrammers. Ever since Instagram has been inundated with anti-new-algorithm posts, people have begun responding with pictures suggesting that no one cares if you “die by algorithm.” Though Instagram has been under fire for the proposed change, they stated that “Instagram will remain the same until further notice.”

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