Announcing Instagram’s New Video Length

Our Social Media Marketing Los Angeles Specialists, announced that Instagram is now giving Instagrammers the ability to post videos 4 times longer than the prior limit of 15 seconds.

 Instagram changed the limit due to the fact that 15 seconds was not enough for some Instagrammers to deliver their message.

This change was implemented in late March. The magic number, 60, was chosen because analytic firm Tubular Labs who evaluated Facebook, realized that the most popular videos were about 1.5 minutes. If Instagram made the limit longer, then some of the content in the video would have a large probability of not being viewed. Thus, Instagram wants your content to be watched and for viewers to be engaged.

Videos are now becoming more essential for Instagram.

According to the company, there has been a 40% increase in the time spent watching videos by users on Instagram in the past six months. Instagram hopes that its increase in video time-limit helps to boost their monthly active users, which in February rose to 400 million. After the changes that Instagram has implemented, both mobile advertisers and users have benefited. Users now have the ability to show how to do something, showcase their skills, display parts of an event, reveal new items, or post interesting things they see from day to day.  If you want to see more diverse videos from your favorite Instagrammer, be it Selena Gomez or your favorite makeup artist, now you can! Instagram now is placing itself in a whole new ballgame of video marketing. For example, YouTube is an entire library of content; Facebook works for everything (from personal to video-sharing); Twitter is to-the-point and for social engagement; Snapchat is for instant attention; now, Instagram is for creativity and quick-viewing.  The idea of social video is very important for the major demographic of social media, which is ages 18-29.

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