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5 Ways To Use Snapchat For Restaurant Marketing

The recent Snapchat update will lead more consumers into your restaurant, and having the right restaurant marketing can take your business to the next level.
Restaurants can experience a new set of customers into their food chain with the recent Snapchat update. This new update includes a feature called “Context Cards”. Snap users are now able […]

Snapchat Update Allows Users to Alter Reality

On Tuesday, November 8th, Snapchat released an update to iOS and Android that allowed users to modify the reality around them.
Previously, Snapchat filters were used on the rear-facing camera to recognize facial features and alter them. Now, using the outward-facing camera, users can tap anywhere on screen to access this new assortment of filters. These […]

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Snapchat Releases New “Memories” Feature

Snapchat recently came up with a new feature, Memories, which allows users to not only save their snaps outside the 24-hour period, but re-share them in the future. Originally, the user would only be able to save their photo to their smartphone’s camera roll, but now they are able to save it within the app and share them with others […]

5 Ways to Increase Snapchat Followers

As Snapchat is revolutionizing itself from a medium of communication to a platform of social media that even companies can utilize, more users are becoming familiar and engaging with the fun app. Social media marketing has made it more suitable for companies to grow their business through Snapchat, and gaining more followers is a big factor when […]

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New Useful Powerful Ads on Instagram

Our Social Media Marketing Los Angeles Team recently discovered the latest ads available on Instagram.
Today, Instagram has introduced carousels of video ads. The new carousel of videos allows businesses to show multiple usages for their products in a single video. This new process of replacing videos in the spots were single ads once were reduces […]