5 Ways to Increase Snapchat Followers

As Snapchat is revolutionizing itself from a medium of communication to a platform of social media that even companies can utilize, more users are becoming familiar and engaging with the fun app. Social media marketing has made it more suitable for companies to grow their business through Snapchat, and gaining more followers is a big factor when it comes to an individual or business gaining more popularity.

The social media marketing used by Snapchat, such as the use of geofilters, sponsorships, and live stories from well-known events, makes it easier for a company to reach out to the consumer.

Snapchat appeals to users by allowing them to post photos and videos in a 24-hour time period to which they can add filters, emojis, and text to. It provides users with a more intimate way of staying socially connected since they are able to share something with their friends the moment it happens.

 Although the social media network is growing faster than ever before, gaining recognition on Snapchat is more difficult than on Instagram or Twitter.

On Snapchat, the user must be following the individual in order to view their stories, but there are several ways that one can increase their followers and the number of people that view their stories.

1. Follow others and ENGAGE!social media marketing

Take advantage of other social media platforms to find the snapcodes of other people or brands that you find interesting. Be sure to respond to their stories and build relationships with them, similar to how you would in the real world.

2. Use its features

Play around with the app by using filters and publishing your story to local ones as well, which will allow more viewers to view your snap.

3. Differentiate your snaps

Change up the visuals in order to keep things interesting and your viewers engaged.

4. Add value to your content

Motivate and provide ideas that your users can gain something from, even if it’s just a laugh! This will lead viewers to share your content with their friends.

5. Don’t only send private snaps

Many people do this to increase their snap score, but there is no point in doing so if what you’re sending is not relevant to the user.

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