5 Ways To Use Snapchat For Restaurant Marketing

The recent Snapchat update will lead more consumers into your restaurant, and having the right restaurant marketing can take your business to the next level.

Restaurants can experience a new set of customers into their food chain with the recent Snapchat update. This new update includes a feature called “Context Cards”. Snap users are now able to make restaurant reservations, read reviews, and use ride-hailing services. With a potential influx of customers, restaurants need to prepare accordingly to give the customer a great experience.

Here is a list of techniques that can be used to enhance the customer experience and help your restaurant marketing goals:

 1. Special Perks for Followers

With the new update Snapchat has, restaurants are able to provide special deals and discount codes to followers. This tactic will encourage customers to stay engaged with the restaurant and visit the restaurant more often.

2.Encourage Snapping at the Restaurant Restaurant Marketing

Customers will be eligible for discounts if they post their restaurant experience on their social media pages. This is a great restaurant marketing tactic that will introduce the restaurant to potential customers through current customers.

3. Be Playful on Snapchat

With a large following on Snapchat, you can make finding perks and discounts a little more playful for followers. By hiding a deal throughout your Snapchat story customers need to be actively following your page to redeem special offers.

4. Customer to Friend Discounts

When a customer eats at your restaurant, they will receive a special discount code that is shareable through Snapchat. This is a great restaurant marketing strategy that can land you new customers.

5.Snapchat feedback

Some customers may try to communicate with the restaurant through Snapchat, and ability to respond can go a long way and help build brand loyalty. Furthermore, Snapchat can be used as another source for restaurants to receive a more private feedback.  Whether it is positive or negative, restaurants can then use the feedback to plan for the future.

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