New Useful Powerful Ads on Instagram

Our Social Media Marketing Los Angeles Team recently discovered the latest ads available on Instagram.

Today, Instagram has introduced carousels of video ads. The new carousel of videos allows businesses to show multiple usages for their products in a single video. This new process of replacing videos in the spots were single ads once were reduces the clutter seen by Instagrammers in their news feeds.

Instagram launched carousels last year, but it was only for still images

Today, Instagram’s carousel has a combo of video clips and/ or photos.  There needs to be at least three pieces of media, but a maximum of five; the video time limit is sixty seconds. The first slide of the video will be the only part of the video Instagrammers see first then the rest of the video will be shown if they decide to swipe over the video. The first companies to take advantage of this new branding format are Taco Bell, Airbnb and Macy’s.

Tremendous Success with Instagram Carousels

According to Instagram, the carousels have been extremely successful. Since moving ads have been put in place, there is now more space for people to view other content in their news feeds. According to Instagram, video viewing has increased by a total of forty percent from August to February.

Maybe this new form of advertising reminds you of a similar app

If you thought so then you’re correct. The carousel used in Instagram will be similar to Snapchat stories. The similarity between these two sites is that they can record different moments and compile them into one solid video. Due to the fact that the internet world has a short attention span, this new style should continue to work very well. Instead of the old style where people had to watch an entire time-consuming video, which most of the time they would pass up, now they can glide their mice across the video and essentially see a sped up version of social ads.

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