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Was Uber’s Redesigned Logo Successful?

As a top logo design company, we have analyzed the effects of Uber’s logo change. Here’s what we found…
Last year, Uber surprised us with a drastic logo change. Uber’s goal was to create a logo that represented the global enterprise they have become. When redesigning their logo, Uber was inspired by today’s technologically modern world. […]

Uber Plans to Launch Self-Driving Cars Within Weeks

There has been a lot of talk about self-driving cars, and Uber plans to have Pittsburgh passengers inside them in the next few weeks. Drivers will not be completely unnecessary, as they will still have to remain in the driver’s seat, but ultimately the cars will drive themselves.
Uber will not be manufacturing their own brand […]

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Did Uber Mess Up by Changing Their Logo Design?

By now, the importance of a proper logo design has become well established. According to Logo Design Los Angeles, “The logo represents the company and is the first thing people think of when they think of your brand.” A logo is essentially the company’s ambassador to the world, expressing the company culture.
The importance of logo […]