Was Uber’s Redesigned Logo Successful?

As a top logo design company, we have analyzed the effects of Uber’s logo change. Here’s what we found…

Last year, Uber surprised us with a drastic logo change. Uber’s goal was to create a logo that represented the global enterprise they have become. When redesigning their logo, Uber was inspired by today’s technologically modern world. According to Uber representatives, their new logo reflects where their company has been and where it is headed.

Although Uber was extremely satisfied with their new logo, there were many people who believed it was a wrong move. Here are a few reasons why the success of Uber’s redesigned logo was dubious :

1. Redesigned Logo Was Confusinglogo design company

Many Uber users claimed that it was difficult for them to spot the Uber logo. The new logo didn’t have the same affect as the previous logo. With the previous logo, users automatically knew which logo represented Uber. With the new logo, users weren’t able to immediately identify what kind of company Uber was.

2. New Logo Was Less Appealing Than The Previous One

When redesigning a logo, it is important to make it more appealing than the previous logo. Was Uber successful at this? People automatically complained that the new logo did not complement Uber. Many people also believed that the CEO and co-founder of Uber did not take the right amount of time necessary to recreate a logo.

3. Updated Logo Wasn’t Unique

One of Uber’s goals was to distinguish their company from other taxi companies. According to experts, nothing about the new logo was unique. In fact, the new logo was very similar to Chase’s logo.

After backlash, Uber once again updated their logo, which received positive feedback. However, in the interim, they may have lost untold momentum. Learn from Uber’s mistake. The importance of a quality logo design cannot be underestimated.

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