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What To Do About The End Of Google+

As stated in our blog, "Google Is Shutting Down Google+", as of August 31, 2019, Google+ will officially be shutting down after launching in 2011. This is important for businesses and marketing companies in Los Angeles, as it will affect marketing practices. To summarize the situation, there was a security breach on the [...]

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3 Marketing Tips To Keep You Ahead Of The Game

Our creative branding agency Los Angeles is here to perfect your brand communication and keep your company on the top of your customer’s minds. With the digital marketing industry evolving and expanding year after year, it’s essential to stay up to date with the market trends, so that you are continually providing original, unique and innovative content [...]

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Robert Herjavec’s Top 5 Marketing Tips

According to Los Angeles marketing specialist, to have a successful business it is important to know how to market it well. Entrepreneur, Robert Herjavec, has shared with us the top 5 small-business marketing tips. Here are his top 5 tips. 1. Market your target audience using their preferred social media. Having several social media accounts does no [...]

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