3 Marketing Tips To Keep You Ahead Of The Game

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With the digital marketing industry evolving and expanding year after year, it’s essential to stay up to date with the market trends, so that you are continually providing original, unique and innovative content to your customers.

Here are the 3 trends to keep your eye on:Creative Branding Agency Los Angeles

1. Shifting From Grabbing Attention To Creating Engagement

The number of followers or visitors that your website receives is pointless without meaningful engagement and dialogue. Getting attention without engagement cuts the reach of your marketing campaign because website algorithms will automatically factor your page as passive and unresponsive. In this digital era, the more your brand resonates with your customer and prompts them to interact on your web page, the better it will be for your bottom line.

2. Exploring Unchartered Territories

The days of marketing products and services specifically for men or women are over. You will begin to see companies letting go of the idea of male and female, and instead targeting their products towards a variety of cross-gender spectrums.

Generic email subject lines prompt your consumer to delete your promotion without ever opening it. Be bold and play around with your email subject lines and the title of your blog posts. By daring to be bold, and dare I say crossing the line with unexpected and controversial language, you will challenge your consumer and defy expectations.

3. Artificial Intelligence Deciding What Your Customer Sees

We are living in an era where computer algorithms are tailoring the content that is being available to you. From Facebook to Spotify, these online mediums are filtering the content that is being shown and recommended to you based off of your personal search history and the history of those who are similar to you. Artificial intelligence is becoming the media curator for your audience. Knowing this, you have to be certain that your published content is search engine optimized and is truly matching your target audience.

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