6 Of The Strongest Words That Get Clicks

As Los Angeles marketing specialists we know the exact words that can get you more website clicks.

When starting a campaign, it’s really important to take word choice into consideration. Our team has listed the type of words you should be using to execute a successful marketing campaign. 

  1. Words To Get People On A Website

Think of the words you see most at a mall. Sale and bargain are some of the most used. These words appeal to customers who are shopping for better deals. No word is more powerful than free. Offering anything as free removes hesitation from customers who would otherwise not click on your page.

  1. Promise Words

Buyers are more likely to be loyal to brands that make promises. Guarantees and pledges put customers at ease during decision making. As stated above, free is one of our favorite words, and you can use it in a promising manner like risk-free.

  1. Words Of Urgency

A busier market means less time. That is why we like to create a sense of urgency. Expires and going fast makes buyers more likely to click on your products. A phrase like limited time can make all the difference in a campaign.  

  1. FOMO

Consumers don’t like missing out on the latest trends. You can use this to your advantage with phrases that will help consumers feel like they are at the cutting-edge. Don’t miss and state of the art lets consumers know that they are living in the now.

  1. Restrictive Words

People love exclusivity. It makes a product feel more luxurious and personal. Words that make customers feel more in the know include rare, exotic, and most importantly secret.

  1. Words That Get Results

Customers like words that let them their problems are getting solved with the purchase of an item. Announce that your product will provide solutions quickly or instantly.

Whether you’re creating a newsletter, social media, or mailer campaign, you’re guaranteed these words will encourage your target audience to take action. Using these words wisely can create positive results in your campaigns.

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