What To Do About The End Of Google+

As stated in our blog, “Google Is Shutting Down Google+“, as of August 31, 2019, Google+ will officially be shutting down after launching in 2011. This is important for businesses and marketing companies in Los Angeles, as it will affect marketing practices.

To summarize the situation, there was a security breach on the Google+ site, where 500,000 users had their private data taken from them. Google+, as opposed to notifying the public, kept this quiet since March 2018, when their company found the security breach. The company knew this breach would cause an uproar and, due to their Privacy & Data Protection Office, they decided they weren’t legally required to disclose this event.

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Now that Google+ is officially coming to an end, here’s what every business should know to avoid a negative impact on their marketing efforts:

1. Seek An Alternative Platform

It is better to start looking for other alternatives if you used Google+ for marketing purposes. Google+ was beneficial for marketing companies in Los Angeles due to its ability to use hashtags and promote products on the site. Other sites, like Facebook and Twitter, can provide the same benefits.

2. Save Photos and Videos

As previously stated, Google+ was a site where videos and photos could be shared and stored. The company has stated that they will release instructions soon as to the steps you can take to save these photos before the social media platform shuts down.

3. Remove Google+ From Your Site

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If you have a business website or blog, make sure you start removing your Google+ link from those sites. Otherwise, users visiting your website will click on it and find a deadlink.

4. Stop Google+ Sharing And Posting

Slowly make the transition to stop posting and sharing on your Google+ account. This will make it easier once the site shuts down and it won’t be such an abrupt change for your business. Move your posts to another site such as Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter, if you aren’t already using these websites.

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