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Amazon Updates Seller Fees Impacting Marketing

Amazon announced that the fees for third-party vendors of clothing and accessories, handbags and sunglasses and similar categories like jewelry will be subject to changes, as soon as February 22nd, 2018. Our fashion marketing Los Angeles agency has all the details on Amazon's important fee change for third-party vendors. In recent years, Amazon has become a fashion [...]

Amazon Updates Seller Fees Impacting Marketing2018-09-09T07:28:22+00:00

Amazon Launches Prime Wardrobe

Amazon plans to eliminate the hassles of online shopping by launching Prime Wardrobe, a program that has social media agencies and fashion brands speculating about the future of Amazon e-commerce. For many customers, buying clothing online isn’t worth the inconvenience. If an article of clothing doesn’t fit, the customer typically has to either pay money to ship [...]

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