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The Benefits of Leasing Commercial Real Estate

As we all know, the idea of owning your own real estate sounds more pleasing than a leasing option. We can use the space, however, we want when we own real estate and we have the option of leasing units out to others. The idea might sound appealing, but is it really the smartest decision […]

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You Probably Didn’t Know That Rejection Is Opportunity

Our Real Estate Marketing Team in Los Angeles explains how Barbara Corcoran flipped rejection into opportunity.
Taking opportunity on a whim.
The “Shark” Investor, Barbara Corcoran, says that some of the best things happened to her on the verge of rejection.Corcoran was a diner waitress when she took up the opportunity to become a real estate salesperson; […]

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Shark Tank Star Barbara Corcoran’s 4 Surprising Tips for Entrepreneurs

Our Real Estate Marketing Team in Los Angeles believes that the stars of Shark Tank’s expertise can change the way that you run your business.
Barbara Corcoran, millionaire real estate investor, consultant, and businesswoman and co-star of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank has four absolutely astonishing tips for upcoming entrepreneurs.
1. Be Ridiculously Optimistic
Corcoran believes that to be […]