Shark Tank Star Barbara Corcoran’s 4 Surprising Tips for Entrepreneurs

Our Real Estate Marketing Team in Los Angeles believes that the stars of Shark Tank’s expertise can change the way that you run your business.

Barbara Corcoran, millionaire real estate investor, consultant, and businesswoman and co-star of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank has four absolutely astonishing tips for upcoming entrepreneurs.

1. Be Ridiculously Optimistic

Corcoran believes that to be truly successful, you have to be so optimistic that you become nearly irrational in your confidence. She believes that every opportunity must be perceived as a “glass half-full” situation, even if everyone is saying that your glass is half empty. She believes that you should be rational in your actual business decisions, but not to the point where every decision you make is very safe.

2. Confront Your Fears

Although she is now a very successful public speaker, one of Corcoran’s common fears used to be public speaking. One of her most embarrassing moments was during her first public presentation she lost her voice! Corcoran eventually became proficient at public speaking; she believes that every failure has an upside. If she hadn’t failed with her first public speaking job, she would’ve never found the motivation to practice speaking more.

3. Fake It ‘Till You Make ItReal Estate Marketing Los Angeles

Barbara has admitted to having constant bouts with insecurity. Instead of letting insecurity prevent you from accomplishing your goals, she believes that you should use it as a motivator. She believes that faking confidence will make you more motivated to make your confidence real; that playing pretend will eventually result in a successful reality.

4. Take A Risk

Using logic and being rational can hurt an entrepreneur, at least according to Barbara. She believes that standing back and wondering how a potential decision could affect you is incredibly time consuming; she doesn’t believe there’s ever a “right time” to make a business decision, you just have to follow your instincts.

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