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Verizon Strikes Back At Sprint With New Ad

The competition is quite intense among the numerous cell phone provider companies. These advertisements usually aim to steal the competing company's customers, and things can get a bit heated at times. A new Verizon ad took a shot at Sprint with the intention of driving some of Sprint's customers towards Verizon. This ad features Jamie [...]

Verizon Strikes Back At Sprint With New Ad2018-09-09T07:28:25+00:00

New Useful Powerful Ads on Instagram

Our Social Media Marketing Los Angeles Team recently discovered the latest ads available on Instagram. Today, Instagram has introduced carousels of video ads. The new carousel of videos allows businesses to show multiple usages for their products in a single video. This new process of replacing videos in the spots were single ads once were [...]

New Useful Powerful Ads on Instagram2018-09-09T07:28:26+00:00