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Slow Down in Your Business? Find Out Why

Our SEO company in Los Angeles understands the impacts of seasonal events on businesses. Through all aspects of business, the calendar year plays an important role. As the year rolls on, business may increase [...]

Instagram Can Boost Your Restaurant Business

Restaurant marketing is as simple as marketing through social media, especially Instagram. Restaurant marketing allows you to market your restaurant and grow more online, as well as physical, traffic to your business. One of [...]

California Cannabis Labeling Requirements 2019

At Branding Los Angeles, we have outlined the major CBD labeling requirements for all cannabis-related products. At the start of 2019, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), released the requirements for labeling cannabis [...]

FatBurger Goes Skinny in New Branding Campaign

Restaurant marketing just got a lot more interesting over at Fatburger. Fatburger took on a new restaurant marketing campaign this month as they announced their new name change to “Skinnyburger”. This name comes from [...]

5 Secret Tips To Grow Your Mailing List

Email marketing services are one of the best assets that companies can have in order to reach out to potential and current customers. Growing your mailing list, however, is the tricky part. At Branding [...]

6 Of The Strongest Words That Get Clicks

As Los Angeles marketing specialists we know the exact words that can get you more website clicks. When starting a campaign, it's really important to take word choice into consideration. Our team has listed [...]

How To Create A Business Account On Postmates

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, one of the biggest restaurant marketing tools you have at your disposal is offering delivery through third-party platforms. One of these third-party platforms is Postmates. Postmates [...]