Using Medical Social Media Marketing to Innovate

At Branding Los Angeles, medical social media marketing is a specialty we thrive in and in 2017 the medical social media marketing realm is expanding beyond belief. Since businesses, including the healthcare industry, are planned to increase their budgets regarding this marketing tactic, it is necessary to take a look at what is needed to create an innovative medical social media marketing campaign for your business.

What Makes Innovation Key?

  • Being Different – with today’s social media and popular culture, a lot of content tends to be copied, leaving your audience and prospective audience with the same posts over and over again on their feed. It is therefore important to do something that is different from what your competitors are doing. For instance, many fashion and accessory brands, like Steve Madden tend to post pictures of just their product on their Instagram. While a brand like Daniel Wellington takes pictures of their product, but also includes different content in each post from delicious food to scenic backgrounds.
  • Being Novel – Take the example of Daniel Wellington, their audience and prospective audience sees something they have never seen before. This is because they post content that is not only relevant to their product but is relatable to their target demographic. This includes posting their accessories with items their potential followers enjoy, like food.
  • Being a Leader – Experimentation is key. Social media consumers can respect if a business can try something different since much of the content that is created today tends to be the same.

What should you do to be Innovative?

  • Having a Unique Message – Your business’s message must be comprised of your brand’s values, oppose your competitors and more importantly incorporate your audience. This allows your business to stand out from the competition.
  • Create a Shock Value – this ties in with being different. Standing out from the crowd will make your audience wanting more. For example, your business may want to post a campaign about something you normally do not like to talk about. This keeps your followers engaged because they are not looking at the same content repeatedly.
  • Don’t be Traditional – this means that you should try and create a framework that is unprecedented for your business. In the era of technology, the attention span of humans is diminishing, so try posting content that is shorter or less formal than usual.

What should you do to keep the Innovation Going?

  • Study the Competition – Sometimes even taking a break from the technology may be beneficial to take the time to know the ins and outs of the social media of your competitors. So take the time to do what your competitors are not doing.
  • Use your Resources – grabbing inspiration from multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is not a bad thing, even if they are completely different kinds of social tools. This allows your business to create a hybrid audience across all social media boards.
  • Be a Rule Breaker – This gives you the opportunity to stand from the crowd. You do not have to listen to typical social media “rules” on what to post or not post.
  • Emotion is your Friend – tapping into your audience’s emotional side allows them to resonate better with your brand. You may do this by taking a stance on a particular issue that your target followers may feel passionate about.
  • Have a Social Manager – it is best if your business relies on one person to handle your social media, rather than multiple people. If one person specializes in it, they are more likely to know how to engage followers and recruit prospective audiences.

Medical social media marketing is an innovation within itself that is constantly changing. Although driving a social media following is not going to happen overnight, keeping these tips in mind will help your business build a concrete social foundation.

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Branding Los Angeles is a digital advertising agency that has a specialty in medical social media marketing, helping build strong social media platforms for businesses in the healthcare industry. For more information about Branding Los Angeles, you may reach out by phone at 310-479-6444 or visit our website at

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